Memorial Foundation’s Healing Arts Program

Memorial Foundation’s Healing Arts Program

Providing excellent care means more than just treating physical symptoms.

Integrating artwork into the healthcare environment can assist with the emotional needs of patients and families as well as have a positive impact on the healing process.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Memorial Foundation’s Healing Arts Program provides opportunities for donors to purchase artwork from a catalog of pre-selected pieces for designated spaces at Memorial Hospital Belleville, Memorial Hospital Shiloh, Memorial Care Center, Memorial medical buildings, and The Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center.

Research shows that creative arts in healthcare can contribute to positive outcomes when services are integrated with the medical treatment as well as community prevention and wellness programs.


Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Reduced lengths of hospital stays
  • Decreased need for multiple medical visits
  • Reduced reports of pain and anxiety related to illness and invasive treatment
  • Increased self-esteem and reductions in stress
  • Reduced healthcare-related infection rates
  • Decreased need for use of sedatives during medical procedures
  • Reduced levels of depression and improvements in quality of life
  • Decreased use of medical interventions covered by Medicare among the aging

Art enhances the space it occupies. It engages people emotionally—whether increasing feelings of happiness or serving as a welcome distraction during stressful times.

How Our Healing Arts Program Works

Donors may choose to purchase the artwork in honor of a loved one or simply for the satisfaction of knowing how a beautiful piece of artwork can have such a positive impact on someone’s health and healing.

  • Donation amount is based on the visibility of the piece.
  • Donors will choose from pre-selected pieces recommended by BJC Design and Construction and art consultants and approved by Memorial leadership.
  • Location of the artwork has been pre-selected by BJC Design and Construction in consultation with Memorial leadership.
  • Donors will be recognized with a small plaque appropriately located near the piece of art.
  • Donation also will apply toward the donor’s cumulative giving total and be recognized appropriately on the Excellence for Life donor walls.

Local and Regionally Inspired Artwork

A variety of landscapes, recognizable landmarks and signature events all are part of the fabric which makes this region unique.  Many of us are deeply rooted in the area with family and friends living here for generations.  While others, like the men and women at Scott Air Force Base, quickly find a sense of community and family while serving our country here.

Our goal is to utilize artwork created by local and regional artists reminiscent of the local landscape, farmland, landmarks and culture – so no matter whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the area – you will feel a sense of comfort and community through the artwork throughout the hospital.

Become a Donor

To learn more about the Healing Arts Program, call Memorial Foundation at (618) 257-5659. See the artwork available at Memorial Hospital Shiloh and at Memorial Hospital Belleville