Inpatient Information

Inpatient Information

Memorial Hospital wants your stay with us to be as pleasant as possible.

Our attention is focused on you, and meeting your needs is our first objective. It’s all part of our mission to provide exceptional care and compassionate service.


Memorial has inpatient hospitalist services at Memorial Hospital Belleville and Memorial Hospital Shiloh. Hospitalists coordinate all orders throughout your hospitalization and execute your clinical treatment plan to ensure coordination of care from admission to discharge. These board-certified physicians are available 24/7 and focus solely on inpatient care.

ID Bracelet

Upon admission, you will receive an identification bracelet. It is vital in assisting Memorial’s personnel in correctly identifying you. 

Your care providers should ask you your name and date of birth before you are given medications, treatments, or procedures, and they will make sure your answer matches your ID band. It is okay to remind your care providers if that is not done.

Personal Items/Valuables

Memorial Hospitals are not responsible for money or valuables you keep in your room.

Recording Devices/Cameras

Please do not record or photograph anyone at Memorial, including employees, without their permission. 

Call Button

The call button on your bedside control signals the nurses’ station. Press the button, and when your call is answered, state your request in a normal speaking voice. The TV remote control and overhead light controls are also located on your bedside control. Your nurse will demonstrate how the controls work. 

Memorial offers a variety of equipment to meet the needs of patients with communication barriers. Please express your communication needs to staff so that we can provide accommodations to you during your stay.


For local calls, dial “9,” and then dial the number. For other calls, please use your cell phone or dial “0.” If you make too many long-distance calls, we might limit them.

Important Telephone Numbers

To call departments from within the hospitals, dial the department’s five-digit extension.

Memorial Hospital Belleville 

Main number: (618) 233-7750

Administration 75646
Auxiliary 75545
Chaplain 75291
Dietitians 75398
Health Information (Medical Records) 75335
Housekeeping Services 75140
Infection Protection 75190
Information/Patient Room Location 75500
Memorial Care Center 75060
Nursing Administration 75210
Outpatient Dietitian 74377
Patient Accounts 75523
Patient Advocate 75662
Security 75502
Social Services 75420

Belleville Nursing Unit Phone Numbers

1 Center 75825
2 Center 74480
1 South 75800
2 South 75831
4 South 75820
2 Northeast 75790
ICU 75847
IMCU 75150

Memorial Hospital Shiloh

Main number: (618) 607-1000

Administration 21110
Auxiliary 23131
Dietitians 23192
Family Care Birthing Center 23300
Health Information (Medical Records) 23141
Housekeeping Services 23013
Information/Patient Room Location 23660
Nursing Administration 23213
Pastoral Care/Chaplain 23100
Patient Access/Financial Services 23623
Security 23272
Social Services 23139

Shiloh Nursing Unit Phone Numbers

Main 21000
House Supervisor 23214
ICU 23040
3rd Floor Nurses’ Station 23300
4th Floor Nurses’ Station 23400
5th Floor Nurses’ Station 23500