Nurse Well-Being

Nurse Well-Being

Memorial Hospital Belleville and Memorial Hospital Shiloh are committed to employee well-being, including nurses.

Several programs have been set-up at both the system and organization level to influence the resiliency of employees at Memorial. Some of these programs are outlined below:

Resiliency Team

In 2018, Memorial developed an organization-specific Resiliency Team made up of employees from all disciplines. The Resiliency Team focuses on the five major components of resiliency: Meaning, Self-Care, Relationships, Self-Awareness, and Optimism. Unit champions are designated or volunteer to serve on this team and are provided valuable resources to enhance their own resiliency and that of their team. The team meets monthly.

BJC Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The BJC Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential counseling program for all employees and their family members by phone, virtual, or in person. Not only does EAP provide counseling services, but also Work/Life Services such as: legal resources, child and elder care   resources, referrals, and financial consultation, amongst others.


­­­­Employees have free access to Sleepio™, a 6-week online program designed by sleep experts and based on cognitive and behavioral techniques to overcome poor sleep.

Workplace Violence Committee

In addition to these resources, Memorial has a Workplace Violence Committee that works on ensuring the safety and well-being of the employees at Memorial by implementing programs and reporting structures to minimize violent behavior, and or de-escalate stressful situations.

Other Resources

Several other resources are available to nurses and other employees through the organization’s rewards program including, but not limited to nutrition counseling, mental health services, discounts on fitness center memberships, and apps intended to improve resiliency.