Research, Evidence-Based Practice, and Dissemination of Nursing Projects

Find out about the Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Council, nurse-driven research projects, and improvement initiatives.

Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Council

Memorial Hospital Belleville | Shiloh has a long-standing Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Council to support the implementation of best practices based on recent nursing literature. The council also supports nurses to complete their own research, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement initiatives. The role of the council is to advance professional practice through scientific inquiry, use of EBP and design of research studies.

The responsibilities of the Research & EBP Council include:

  • Promote evidence-based nursing practice and research to improve patient care activities
  • Review, coordinate, and facilitate evidence-based practice and research in the patient care setting
  • Create and maintain research and evidence-based practice culture
  • Participate in external nursing research projects
  • Mentor and support researchers
  • Collaborate with other councils, committees, and departments to incorporate evidence into practice
  • Support dissemination of research through conference presentation and publishing
  • Facilitate coordination of interdisciplinary issues related to research

Each year, the council hosts an Annual Nursing Research Symposium, and has been established for over a decade. Nearly 100 nurses, both internal and external to Memorial, as well as nursing students, attend the event each year. The event provides internal and external speakers focusing on recent research and EBP initiatives. Several internal nurses present their projects at the symposium annually. Continuing education hours are offered to nurses, a benefit of attending the program, in addition to the new knowledge gained by the event. In addition to speakers, poster presentations are available for review. 2022 marked our first in-person event since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nurse-Driven Research Projects 

Learn more about our current and recently completed nurse-driven research projects.

Dissemination of Nursing Research

Find out about our recent dissemination of research, EBP, and quality improvement initiatives.