Patient/Family Advisory Council

Patient/Family Advisory Council

Established in 2011, Memorial’s Patient/Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is designed as an advisory resource to enhance patient and family collaboration with hospital administration, management, physicians, and staff in creating a patient/family-centered culture to fulfill Memorial’s mission of providing exceptional healthcare and compassionate service.


Memorial’s PFAC was established to:

  • Provide advice, consultation, evaluation, and recommendations regarding programs, educational efforts, selected research activities, and operational initiatives that affect patients and families.
  • Provide recommendations for facility design and way finding.
  • Provide a vital link between Memorial and the community.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to enhance the patient/family experience at Memorial.
  • Participate in educating hospital personnel about various issues from a patient and/or family perspective as appropriate.
  • Promote respectful, effective partnerships between patients, families, healthcare providers, and administration.

Memorial’s Patient/Family Advisory Council operates under the Relationship Based Care (RBC) framework. The RBC model is based on relationships—with yourself, colleagues, and patients/families. 

How to Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about Memorial’s Patient/Family Advisory Council, please contact Carrie Peters at (618) 257-6779 or email her at [email protected].

All potential members of the PFAC must complete and submit an application.