Third Day After Colon Surgery and Beyond

Third Day After Colon Surgery and Beyond

By the third day after surgery, you should be out of bed more than six hours each day.

Eating and Drinking

The doctor will decide if you can have more to eat. No carbonated beverages or straws. Protein drink supplements may be offered. Continue to chew gum 3 times a day.


On your third day, the goal will be 6+ hours out of bed. You will be in a chair for meals. Increase your activity each day.


Continue to use your incentive spirometer and do your deep breathing exercises every 1 hour while awake.

Pain Management

Pain pills will be used for any pain as needed

Blood Clot Prevention

You will continue to wear the inflatable massaging leg coverings except when you are walking. You will continue to receive medication injections to prevent blood clots.

Other Things to Expect

Continue to pay careful attention to hand washing. This is important in helping prevent infections.