At Memorial Hospital Belleville, go to the Outpatient Surgery Visitor’s Lounge; in Shiloh, go to the Admission & Testing Center.

Check In Prior to Procedure

Memorial Hospital Belleville

Enter Building at Entrance A. Before your surgery, check in at the Outpatient Surgery Visitor’s Lounge. The easiest way to get there is to park in the A entrance parking lot, go through entrance A, and follow the signs to the Outpatient Surgery Visitor’s Lounge.


Memorial Hospital Shiloh

Before your surgery, check in at the Admission & Testing Center. Go through the Main Lobby, and you will see the Admission & Testing Center to the left.

Next Steps

You will get an ID bracelet to wear. Keep this on until you go home.

Most patients will start and end their procedure day in the Outpatient Surgery Center (Belleville) or the Surgery Center (Shiloh). All rooms are private and have a television. Here we will ask you to change into a hospital gown. Your personal things will be locked up until you go home. A nurse might start an IV line in your arm or hand vein before surgery.

Surgery times might be earlier or later depending on the surgery schedule.