Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Hear directly from Memorial Hospital patients as they talk about the amenities they loved and the exceptional care they received.

Family Care Birthing Center Stories

Kimberly Mourey-O’Neill

Kimberly delivered her daughter at Memorial Hospital Shiloh. Hear about her convenient pre-registration experience, the amenities she loved, and the wonderful care she received from her OB/GYN and her nurses.

Jules Hunter

Jules had a C-section at Memorial Hospital Shiloh’s Family Care Birthing Center. Find out why she decided to come to Memorial Hospital Shiloh, why she loved the pre-registration process, and the suites’ highlights.

Jill Baudendistel

Jill had two daughters at Memorial. Watch her video to learn about her c-section experiences, the wonderful care she received, and her recommendation to friends.

Ashley Gutridge

Ashley has two daughters, both who were born at Memorial with a midwife. Watch Ashley’s video to learn about her daughters’ deliveries including one with an epidural for pain management and the other natural.

Talasha Hill

Talasha has three children and is expecting her fouth. She had one previous child at Memorial and will be delivering her next child at Memorial. Watch her video to learn out the Special Delivery Program, circumcision, and why she loves Memorial Family Care Birthing Center.

Harold & Dixie Breast Health Center Stories

Julie Eichholz

Learn about Julie’s experience with Dr. James Clanahan, breast surgeon and medical director of Memorial’s Harold & Dixie LePere Breast Health Center. 

Susan Harris

Find out about Susan’s experience with the Breast Health Center and why she so highly recommends it.

Susan Laduzinsky, MD

Learn about Dr. Susan Laduzinsky’s personal experience with breast cancer and her treatment at the Breast Health Center. 

Kathleen Scherpe

Learn about Kathy’s visits to the Breast Health Center. 

Cathy Sweeney

Find out about Cathy’s journey at the Breast Health Center.

Heart & Vascular Center

Jessica Davis

After experiencing leg pain, Jessica Davis found out she had a blockage and had an aortic bypass, which saved her leg.

Steven Comer

Dr. Patrick Neville treated Steven Comer for an abdominal aortic aneurysm after a checkup with his primary care doctor indicated a problem.

Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center

Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

Learn about Memorial’s success with Belleville East High School from their assistant athletic director and assistant football coach.

Speech Therapy

Betty Courtial was referred to Speech Therapy for a swallowing disorder. Learn how Memorial resolved her issue.