Pediatric Pulmonology

Learn from Dr. Cadence Kuklinski what types of conditions she treats as a pediatric pulmonologist and what she likes about the specialty.

What types of conditions do you treat as a pediatric pulmonologist?

The most common thing seen is childhood asthma. I see little kids and older children who have asthma or whose parents aren’t sure that their children have asthma and would like to get more clarity on what their symptoms mean. I also see patients with premature lung disease and other sorts of allergic-type diseases that cause respiratory problems. Cystic fibrosis is another big condition that we treat. Then I, in particular, also work with children with aerodigestive disorders.

What do you like most about pediatric pulmonology?

I think the best part about pediatric pulmonology is that I am a specialist and a general pediatrician all wrapped into one. I have the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with families and patients, which is I think the best part about pediatrics. I get to see them grow, change, and get better. I also get to take care of very sick children and make them better, which is very exciting for me.