Infant Health Services

Infant Health Services

Giving you and your newborn everything you need for a beautiful birth story.

When newborns and infants need extra care, Memorial Hospitals have teams on hand dedicated to their health and your peace of mind.

The Family Care Birthing Center

Memorial’s Family Care Birthing Center is committed to family-centered maternity care, and we want you to have the birthing experience you want while your newborn has everything they might need if complications arise. 

Level II and Level II E Nurseries

Memorial Family Care Birthing Center can accommodate babies who require specialized care due to premature birth or other health issues in our Level II E Nursery

Memorial Hospital Shiloh’s Level II E Nursery cares for babies who are:

  • As early as 30 weeks. 
  • As small as 2.75 pounds.
  • A little more fragile (those on assisted ventilation). 

The staff at the Level II E Nursery helps educate our families to to the unique requirements of their baby. We want everyone to be comfortable with the newborn’s care.

Washington University Physicians in Illinois, Inc. Neonatologists and St. Louis Children’s Hospital Pediatricians

The Family Care Birthing Center is staffed by neonatologists from Washington University Physicians in Illinois, Inc. and pediatricians from St. Louis Children’s Hospital for infants who may require this specialized care closer to home. 

Taking care of newborns is what we were born to do.