Special Events

Special Events

One important way the Memorial Foundation raises funds to improve health and wellness in our community is through special events.

Golf Tournament

Memorial Foundation’s Annual Golf Tournament held at St. Clair Country Club raises funds for needed medical equipment at Memorial. 

Past Tournaments Giving

  • 2019 Tournament – Raised over $75,000 to purchase a C-Arm unit for Memorial’s Pain Management Center. C-Arm technology provides imaging to assist the physician with precise needle placement critical in delivering pain relief to the patient. 
  • 2018 Tournament – Raised $75,000 to purchase hemodynamic monitoring equipment for the ICU. This equipment measures the blood pressure inside the veins, heart, and arteries. It also helps prevent or treat organ failure and improve patient outcomes.
  • 2017 Tournament – Raised over $74,000 to purchase neonatal ventilators for Memorial’s tiniest patients. A single neonatal ventilator costs $50,000 and is used to help create an ideal environment for newborns to relax, sleep, and grow while minimizing as many risks as possible to their physical and mental development.

Save the Date

Monday, October 4, 2021, at St. Clair Country Club

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Breast Health Center Fundraiser

Memorial Foundation’s annual Un!que Spirits and Sweets event raises money for The Harold & Dixie LePere Breast Health Center at Memorial. Over the past five years, this event has raised more than $130,000 for services and technology for the Center. The event takes place each fall.

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