Daisy and Rose Awards

Memorial has honored the following nurses with the The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s programs to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day.

Bonnie Barnes, FAAN, CEO and co-founder of The DAISY Foundation established the award after experiencing the remarkable skill and care nurses provided to a critically ill family member. These unsung heroes are seldom recognized for the super-human work they do. The kind of work the nurses at Memorial are called on to do every day epitomizes the purpose of The DAISY Award.

Shelby Slaner, RN, charge nurse on 1 Center nursing unit at Memorial Belleville. She was nominated by a patient for her high standard of care, diligence and positive attitude.

“I was miserable, and this young lady made all the difference in the world,” the patient said. “Anything I asked, Shelby went above and beyond anything I’ve seen. The time seemed like nothing after this warm, honest, and good-humored young lady was so diligent with her duties. She definitely deserves to be recognized.”

Chris Holmes, RN, specialty float pool nurse was nominated by a patient family member for his ability to go above and beyond in caring for the patient being consistent with updates.

“After speaking with Chris on the phone, I knew my family member was in the best care,” they said. “Chris made me feel so at ease that he would be there all night watching her. He updated me through the night on their progress, which is something that I cannot express enough that families need when their loved one is in the hospital. He exemplified every role you would ever want and need in a nurse.

“In a time where nursing is largely understaffed everywhere, Chris embodied the work of multiple nurses and never once lost his amazing ability to care for our family member like they were his own family,” they said. “We need more nurses in the field like him.”

Rinku Patel, RN, a staff nurse on 4 South nursing unit at Memorial Belleville was nominated by a peer for natural leadership ability and caring attitude toward both patients and staff.

“I quickly recognized her as being outstanding,” said the nominating peer. “She is organized, pays good attention to detail, and is happy to help others as well as being very approachable. She keeps the manager aware of any concerns and also keeps things running smoothly.”

Kristin Atchisson, RN, patient care manager noted Rinku is very genuine. ‘People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ That’s a quote from Maya Angelou, and that describes Rinku.”

Cheryl Courtway, RN, a staff nurse in the intensive care unit at Memorial Hospital Shiloh, was recognized for her caring demeanor and ability to go above and beyond for her patients.

“Cheryl took the time to let us know about her life and listened to our life as well,” the nominating patient said. “She is truly one of the best, caring people ever. She even held my hand through a brain MRI. She let me cry on her shoulder and was so comforting. I just don’t think I could have made it without her. It takes a truly special person to do what she does.”

She has received the Daisy Award five times throughout her career.

Christa Kirby, RN, a staff nurse in the medical-surgical and telemetry department at Memorial Hospital Shiloh, was recognized by a patient for her work ethic and positive demeanor.

“I have had many hospital stays, so I speak from experience,” said the nominating patient. “Christa was so professional, kind and hard working – it was actually inspirational. She was thorough and worked with urgency yet was also very present and attentive. I felt so comfortable having her in charge of my health. What she exhibits is so rare these days, and she deserves recognition. This staff was the best I have had in more than 20 stays. It was helpful to my recovery to have this amazing support.”

Rose Award

The Rose Award stands for the Recognition Of Service Excellence and celebrates extraordinary patient care technicians, emergency room technicians and operating room technicians. This hospital-based quarterly award program honors the exemplary care and compassion given by our technicians each and every day.

Nominated by a patient’s family member, Devin Randolph, a patient care technician in the Memorial Shiloh emergency rooms was recognized for his connection and kindness to his patients.

“The ER is rarely a fun experience, but that was exactly how my young daughter described her visit,” the family member said. “Even though Devin probably had other patients to see, he made sure my little girl was having too much fun to be nervous. The entire situation was more than I would have ever expected from an emergency room visit. He really connected with my normally bashful daughter, and his repeated small acts of kindness made the experience as pleasant as possible.”

Renalyn Sumaya is a Patient Care Technician on 2 South nursing unit at Memorial Hospital Belleville and is known to show great compassion to her patients.

“Renalyn is very caring and compassionate,” said the nominating family member. “She shows a lot of care for her patients and did an outstanding job with my son. Thank you, Ren, for your care and compassion!”

Idell Ward is a Patient Care Technician on 2 Center at Memorial Hospital Belleville and has shown great compassion to her patients.

“Idell always provides excellent care to her patients, but recently, I witnessed her provide compassionate and professional care to a frail, uncooperative elderly patient with dementia,” said Gail Oldehoeft, nurse coordinator. “Idell showed kindness to the patient and earned her trust. Then, we were able to provide necessary patient care with the patient’s safety and dignity maintained.”