Millenia Wells nominated as Apprentice Ambassador

Millenia Wells, patient care tech (PCT) on 2 South at the Belleville campus, participated in a PCT Development program through a partnership with Midwest Career Source (MCS). She was nominated by MCS as an Apprentice Ambassador with the Illinois Workforce Innovation Board (IWIB) due to her professionalism, success and career path goals. We are excited to announce that the IWIB approved Wells to represent the Ambassador program for Memorial Hospital and the entire Southern Illinois region.

“The Apprentice Ambassador program is a professional development opportunity created by the IWIB’s Apprenticeship Committee,” Wells said. “This program gives a network of diverse apprentices a platform to share their success stories and encourage and collaborate with one another and IWIB members to further promote apprenticeships to career seekers and employers across the state in multiple industries.”

Serving as an Apprentice Ambassador is a professional development opportunity to exercise valuable teamwork, leadership and public speaking skills.

“As an Apprentice Ambassador, our goal is to serve as representatives for the expansion and diversification of Illinois apprenticeship programs in an effort to strengthen and prioritize career development in the workplace,” she said. “We will collaborate with IWIB members and members of the IWIB Apprenticeship Committee to aid in the strengthening of Illinois apprenticeship programs through community outreach, event planning and business engagement opportunities throughout the upcoming year.”

Wells said the program was first brought to her attention by Dr. Sulbrena Day, who is Team Lead of the MCS’s vocational school – one of the many apprenticeship programs in the area.

“I received my CNA license through this program in August of 2022, and Dr. Sulbrena believed I would be a perfect candidate as an Apprentice Ambassador,” Wells said. “I graduated from Webster University in May 2023 and have since been working as a PCT to obtain experience in the medical field. I am currently applying to medical school in hopes to continue my education toward becoming a physician.”

Wells said this opportunity will allow her to speak about her own personal journey as a way to encourage the next class of health care workers.

“I hope to help encourage other people who are looking into a similar career path,” she said. “This is a great opportunity for exposure into the medical field and into their local community.”