OneView and VidaTalk at Memorial Hospital

New technology is making it easier to communicate with patients and families at Memorial Hospital.

Inpatients at Memorial Hospital will have access to a new individualized health care experience at their fingertips when the BJC Patient Engagement System, OneView, is implemented in patient rooms in Shiloh beginning in late 2022, followed by installation at Belleville in Q1 2023. Prior to the OneView go-live, a digital application called VidaTalk is being piloted. 

VidaTalk, an interactive patient communication tool, should complement the OneView program by offering a first-of-its-kind digital app that can be used on bedside tablets to overcome speech and language barriers and increase positive communication between caregiver and patient. If the pilot is successful, VidaTalk will be an added feature to OneView.

OneView was designed to create a unique and personalized experience for each patient by simply touching a tablet screen. The system also assures the patient care team is aware of each patient’s needs and preferences. Patients will be able to access their health care team, view personalized health education, their daily schedule, order a meal, enjoy entertainment or relax and meditate through calming content apps. In addition, patients can learn about hospital services and customize their settings, including their preferred name and language.

“Prior to purchasing the VidaTalk application system wide, the patient experience leadership team decided to test the application with a few departments across the system,” said Carrie Peters, Memorial’s patience experience coordinator. “At Memorial, Shiloh radiation oncology, ICU and ED, as well as the care coordination and social work departments at both campuses will pilot this program.”

Memorial was chosen for the pilot because of the upcoming installation of OneView and the fact that the facility is currently using a static/paper copy of the communication board similar to what the app provides. The pilot runs for six weeks beginning December 12 with the app being utilized in outpatient and inpatient settings. 

Peters said the use of VidaTalk could be beneficial to both staff and patients. The app has more than 40 language profiles built in with pre-set communications for routine care. Patients will be able to communicate needs, feelings, pain levels and custom messages through big, easy buttons that require very little dexterity. 

“If purchased, staff will be able to download the application and communicate with patients or visitors who have difficulty communicating due to speaking another language, being hearing impaired, or intubated, etc.,” she said. 

VidaTalk can be used on any smart phone or tablet device, allowing the patient care team to download the app to communicate better with patients and visitors. For pilot purposes only, a special QR code will be given to the pilot group to download the app at no cost. 

With OneView on the horizon and the active VidaTalk pilot, Memorial Hospital President, Michael McManus, said he is looking forward to the positive impact this will have on patient care. 

“We are excited to provide our patients, families and staff with this new technology at the bedside,” McManus said. “Implementing these systems supports our mission of providing exceptional care by offering options for education and entertainment, as well as encouraging active participation in one’s own care.”

As an added communication opportunity, you can also send any patient an e-greeting while they’re inpatient at Memorial. Visit, fill out the form, and your card will be hand-delivered to your friends and family at Memorial. Messages are delivered Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you submit a message outside this time or on a weekend, it will be delivered during the next delivery window.